Thursday, September 27, 2012

Know the future … gazing at the mirror

Mirror gazing is an ancient art that then replaced by gazing at a crystal ball to know the future or communicated with a soul either on a higher astral plane or a departed soul or an angel etc…
I did try gazing to the mirror for almost three full hours and got some glimpses of few future events unfolding my way. It all started accidently, I was actually sitting idle and was looking at the mirror and suddenly felt some reflections in the mirror, when I looked back to see them in the room did not find them, I continued to watch at the mirror as these reflections become brighter and clearer. It was then started to research about this more and more and now often when I’m in a relaxed state look into the mirror.
It’s not that easy, one can be frightened if he/she sees some reflections that are uncomfortable, people who I spoke to warned me not to make it a habit to gaze at the mirror often. Especially on new moon days or full moon days, during eclipse, during any natural calamity or especially in the dark its always better not to look at the mirrors.
Fengshui practitioners ask you to cover the mirror with a white cloth before you go to bed. Mirrors absorb energy that is in your home, which could be good energy or negative energy, there is always something going on, some of the very old scriptures and book of shadows have quoted that there is a parallel world similar to the one we live on the other side of the mirror and is opposite in nature. What is good omen for you is a bad omen on for the souls who dwell on the on the other side of the mirror.
How to communicate with the souls on the other side of the mirror, do they live there or are the some kind of disturbed souls who have departed this worlds and have still not crossed over, are these the souls and angels or some kind of nonhumans who are situated in different astral planes, I have still not got the answers about them. Is it really true what I saw and felt or is it that I am drowsing out and hallucinating and daydreaming because I am looking at the mirror for a long time, not sure either. There was an exorcist who asked me if while traveling long distance alone in the night have I ever stopped the car and gazed at the rear view mirror, and what did I see, well… I have not done any such thing before because I only look at the rear view mirror in while driving in the night for less than 10-15 seconds to see if there is any vehicle behind me or if someone behind my car signals with a dipper to give way. Nonetheless he added don’t ever try, you may see some disturbed souls or nonhuman reflections on your back seat, or just behind your car especially if you are driving in a non-populated highway.
So what exactly is mirror gazing and what happens if you look at the mirror for a long time?
It’s something like this, after getting into a relaxed state and start looking into a mirror from a comfortable chair. You would be at an angle where you can't see your own reflection. It is here that many people, it has been documented have actually seen, heard, felt, smelt or touched dearly departed loved ones and few have shared experiences of seeing the future event, knowing what happens tomorrow, my very own experience I saw a gap up opening on the charts of Infosys when the entire analyst community was talking Infosys stock to be under the bear market clutches and it did have a gap up opening in a couple of days after I saw this reflection on the mirror.
Google around this topic and you can find testimonies where few people have shared instances that they have seen some images that are very fearful and awkward reflections of near death experiences.
Things required to start Mirror Gazing…
1.       Candle
2.       Relaxing Chair
3.       Large mirror something like a dressing table mirror
4.       Switch on the FAN so that it produces white noise and stop from other noise distractions
5.       Quite environment and Dark Room (One can chose the late hours of the night to mirror gaze)
Steps to follow in Mirror Gazing
ü  Set up a mirror and get a chair to sit on in an angle where your image is not visible in the mirror
ü  Switch off all lights in your room and light the candle
ü  After lighting the candle, put it behind you to provide indirect filtered lightening
ü  Turn on the fan to create white noise, this white noise will block out all outside distracting noises and assist you entering a meditative state or a state of trance.
ü  Breathe comfortably and when you begin to feel relaxed start gazing into the mirror.
ü  Do not attempt to directly center your eyes on anything.
ü  Allow your own psychic intuition to take hold of you and have faith in the process you follow. The more you practice mirror gazing, the more efficient you will become at learning how to identify your own psychic visions and information.
WARNING: Don’t practice just because you read this article, do your own research and practice any such art only under the guidance of your spiritual master, if at any instance you feel uncomfortable or fear grips you, please turn on the lights and open the windows / doors of your room that will blow away the negetive energy, you may also wish to light insence sticks or some dhoop to kill the negetive energy if your experiment has not given positive results.


  1. After lighting the candle how you will switch on the fan ?

  2. I think Anjum has a very valid query..